Thursday, November 15, 2018

Episode 210: Cranking out the Crackers

If you are quite certain that you want to miss the bantery discussion of some interesting films that Dave and Jeff have seen lately,  as well as info on how crackers are made you can skip right to minute nineteen and get a close look at the Kampfgruppe Scherer Player's Guide. This guide can provide a big assist to you when you play the game.
We are proud to present the last of our ASL Open interviews, with Bret Hildebrand and Mike Stubits,  and this is one you won't want to miss.
Why would you want to miss any of them?

0:01 Song SMC's a Goner (lyrics below)
3:03 Banter
19:20 Kampfgruppe Scherer Player's Guide
36:00 Interview
1:04:40 Total Running Time

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
Le Franc Tireur Kampfgruppe Scherer Guide
Order it here at Ritterkrieg
Far Away Coast by the Drop Kick Murphy's


 SMC's a Goner 

Sung to the tune of Girlfriend In a Coma by The Smiths

Lyrics: D. Wallick, D. Donovan
Vocals: Stephen Stewart
Mixer: Jim, the Mix-Master Bera

Leader blew morale check, oh no! I know it's serious
He was already broken, ya know, I know it's serious

And do I want him to roll a wound check? No! Cuz you know,
I would hate anything to happen to him
No I don't want to lose him

Do you really think he'll survive?
Do you think he'll roll less than 5?

SMC's a goner, ya know, I know it's serious
Bye bye, bye my buddy, Goodbye

There were times when I could have rallied him
'Cuz you know, it's not like he's a 10-2 and he just got a field promotion

Now he's taking the check, time to fret, And he rolled a 5 and he died.
Let me whisper a few bad words, I know it's serious

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  1. Happy & Safe Thanksgiving to Jeff and Dave, and all ASLers! Another great episode! I like the mix of banter, review and con interviews! Nice combination!

  2. Thank you Jack! And a Happy Thanksgiving to all from us!

  3. Hi, after listening to this episode I wonder if I should have bought Kampfgrupper Scherer when I had the chance or I did the right thing pre-ordering Corregidor. Thanks for another nice episode.

  4. Curious as to which song was being parodied in the opening.

  5. Ricardo, You probably can't go wrong either way.

  6. Louis, The song was sung to The Smiths' song "Girlfriend In A Coma"