Monday, October 29, 2018

Episode 209: Garret and the Return of Box Art Review

Hear the dulcet tones of Dave's nose flute, as well as Jeff's new flute provided to The 2 Half-Squads courtesy of Bill Forg and his amazing 3-D printer.
Many of you have been waiting a long time for the return of Box Art Review. The fine art chosen this episode is from Winter Offensive Pack #9.  Pull up an image from your google search and have a gander.  Beware, it is quite frightening......and just in time for Halloween!
Dave covers a playing of scenario WO11 Across The Issel and scenario ASL172  The Last Attack. We also have a wonderful interview with Chris Garret from the ASL Open.
 The contest for the free copy of YANKS ends November 15th. We already have tons of entries. Good luck to all you Yankee Devils.

Chris Garret at the ASL Open 2018

1:00 Too Much Boring Banter
10:00 What Have You Been Playin' Lately?
25:00 Box Art Review
41:00 Interview With Chris Garret
58:40 Total Running Time

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