Sunday, August 23, 2020

Episode 254: Beanies Galore!

Storms in Chicago, disaster strikes, cars stuck on lifts in garages without power, gaming table order attempt disasters on Kickstarter; these are just a few of the topics in Chit Chat. In the Box are both, the new Ritterkrieg Counter Stackers, and the rest of Onslaught to Orsha II (the parts that we didn't get to in our previous episodes).  Add in a look at Scenario HS2: War Without Quarter from Operation Watchtower, and you have yourself a nice little show mostly about Advanced Squad Leader!


HS2: War Without Quarter from Operation Watchtower
00:02 Can I Go Back?
2:00 Chit Chat 
16:00 Mysterious Benefactor and Call In.
23:00 What's in the Box? 
48:00 What Have You Been Playing Lately?
1:06:04 Total Running Time

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  1. Hello Dave and Jeff/Jeff and Dave

    Checking out the Slopes quick reference guide.
    I'm confused on the LOS and LOF examples.
    The 3rd example AA12 to CC13 is Disallowed...I assume this means blocked.
    but the 3rd example of the FIRE allows that same shot...

    Am I missing something?

  2. HS-002 "War Without Quarter" is a broken scenario, as reported several years ago on Games Squad Forum. The Japanese simply has to set up adjacent to the entry area for A and B companies (essentially, row FF), and these marines will pretty much be obliterated in 1-2 turns. The remaining marine forces will NEVER recover from their annihilation. If the entry instructions were changed to allow A and B companies to enter on/after turn 1, then this would give the other marine forces the means of dealing with such a linear Japanese defense. But by FORCING all units of A and B companies to enter on turn 1, this signals their virtually guaranteed doom.

  3. Thanks for the info. You would have thought Dave might have figured that out himself. We suppose it could help to have the Japanese set up further away from the board edge that the Americans enter.