Saturday, August 1, 2020

Episode 252: Too Much Good Stuff, You Hexy Thing!

It was such a pleasure to talk with Michael Koch in our second episode on the ASL scene in Germany. The discussion covers WWII sites to see in Germany when you attend the Grenadier Tournament, the history of ASL, and the wonderful fact that there is just too much good Advanced Squad Leader stuff being published today. What a problem to have! Michael also gives us a detailed look at what it takes to run a tournament and chats about his love for the Hatten in Flames campaign game.  And so much more.



00:02 You Hexy Thing (Armoured Fighting Vehicles)
4:00 Interview with Michael Koch
Total Running Time 

'You Hex-y Thing' (Armoured Fighting Vehicles)

Lyrics by Clinton Paine, Performed by The 2 Half-Squad Singers

Armoured fighting vehicles
Wend along this hex-y thing
My armoured fighting vehicles
Could be moving wrong on this hex-y thing

With my first armoured OB
Move crew exposed down the open road
Roll for ESB, I need this speed so badly
My MMCs approach defending infantry
In PFPh I was shooting at some people
Now they're firing back at me on the IFT

But my armoured fighting vehicles
Overrun the hex they're in
And my armoured fighting vehicles
Keep rolling on, on this hex-y thing

Where did you come from AT shell?
How did you know where to conceal those guns?
Did you know this game is everything I play for?
Learn the rules, every night and day for?
Then today I play my first combined-arms action
Now you're firing next to me, giving it to me

My armoured fighting vehicles
Have nowhere to run on this hex-y thing
My armoured fighting vehicles’
PRCs long for their next of kin

Oh! Curse you, you hex-y thing
Point blank fire from the hex you're in
There's no way you can miss my side armour, these flanks are thin
Oh! It's snake eyes, this hexing thing

Yesterday I mortar bombed those lonely people
Now your rate of fire sprees serve it back to me

My armoured fighting vehicles
Are all STUNNED or wrecks burning
My armoured fighting vehicles
Face side down or exiting

Oh, pinch me
Stop retreating!
Forget about those VCs, greenhorn
Oh, I concede!

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  1. Woah! The 2 Half-Squads Singers treatment! I thought it could be impossible to sing, but you proved me wrong - totally nailed those high notes. Awesome!

  2. WoW! Great job 2HS singer(s)! Well done! Hit those high notes, spot on. It is great to finally hear this song. We've heard scuttlebutt for years that it was in the works.

    Keep 'em coming!

  3. Absolutely AWESOME singing!!!!! WWWWWOOOWWWW .. I kept swiping the podcast back up to the start and listened to it over and over again.

  4. .. and I play campaign games on VASL all the time! Your ability to see the whole map is not the same but not too bad if you have big/ multiple monitors. You can easily save everything between games etc. No chance of your cat or your kid wiping out important defensive sectors either!

  5. Thanks for talking to Michael Koch. It's really something to hear the perspective of a tournament organizer in Europe, and with a long history of playing too!

  6. Great show and interview. I have played against Michael at ASLOk - he's a good guy. Adam Lunney, Australia.