Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Episode 319: That's Some More Eh?

We announce the winner of the last contest and give details about our newest one. If you want to win these Schwerepunkt scenario packs you might have to break out of your comfort zone. But you can do so anonymously. Dave recounts his second spill -- an NDE -- while Kayaking. He definitely did not want more of that, eh? We finish covering Rule 19: Unit Substitution. Then take an in depth look at the scenarios from March Madness 2019 Close Combat Pack. We received copies of the latest from The Kansas City gents and will cover those on a future show.

Close Combat Pack
Nippersink Creek

00:01 That's Amore (Hollow Legions) Song
4:00 Banter
16:00 Contest Winner and New Contest Announced
24:40 Rules
45:22 Scenario Deep Dive
1:05:05 Total Running Time

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  1. I really enjoy your scenario plays. Glad to be hearing another. I know that there are a bunch of youtube videos out there, but I listen to you guys while I'm not at the computer, so it's fun to hear you go through a scenario, what your plans were and how they fell apart.