Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Episode 320: 10th Mountain Men

It is a pleasure to have Paul Works return to the show especially when he is accompanied by his friend and compatriot Dave Mareske. Dave gives us a wonderful review of his fathers life, including his time in the service and his time spent thereafter. We think you will agree that Cpl Ernie Mareske led a fascinating life and served in a challenging arena during WWII.  

Paul provides some insights into the research and development of this interesting scenario pack, including the "scrolling maps" included therein. This pack includes a "mini campaign game of four connected scenarios" and some unique, but not overwhelming SSR's. If you would like a look into the WWI game that these gentlemen are working on, you will not be disappointed by this episode. As opposed to the rest of our episodes. 

Cpl Ernie Mareske

Get 10th Mountain Pack Here
Official Army 10th Mountain Division Page

00:01 We Jump Right into the Interview
51:17 Total Running Time

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