Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Episode 326: Run Through the Jungle with Jim

Jim Aikens returns and shares his thoughts on printing scenario packs and playtesting in general. We open with a blast from the past. The Run Through the Jungle song from good ol' Episode 53.
In the rules segment we cover the Yanks, Americans, U.S.A., troops and their corresponding nationality traits from Rule 25.3. 

USS Iowa Museum

00:01 (Don't) Run Through the Jungle Song with Lyrics by Dennis Donovan; Sung by The 2 Half-Squad Singers
12:40 Rules: Nationalities of ASL; Americans 
23:50 Jim Aikens Part 2
51:28 Total Running Time

Whoa, heard it was a nightmare, LOL!, It’s all so true
They told me, “Fear the PTO!”, ‘cause the Japs are on the loose.

Better not CX in the jungle, Better not advance into jungle
Better not stray in the jungle, Why? You’ll get ambushed, ya see

Thought I heard grumblin’, Playin’ a night rules game
200Yankee guns are loaded, The sgt. cries: “Take aim!”

Over in hex G10, Sgt. Schmutz he spoke:
“Let the privates know my wisdom, Fill the hex with smoke.”

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  1. Of course there are no boats or ships at the Great Lakes Naval Air Station. That's where the Navy stores all of its air, thus the name 'air station'. Duh.

  2. Those comments have to be from Dennis.

  3. You’ve got me pegged.


  4. Interesting show guys, it was good to hear Jim's thoughts on playtesting