Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Episode 325: Breaking in the Grain with Jim Aikens

It is a pleasure to present a look at the SoCal gamers lives, through an interview with the charismatic and wise Jim Aikens. This discussion is so thorough, that we will present it in two parts. In part one we learn about Jim's gaming background and how very well organized this club is, with players who are "pretty far out there" in the wide open spaces of the large state of California, having a set of regional directors. Kleinschmidt can relate to this club because it has Field Trips. They travelled to the Jaques Littlefield AFV Collection, and the USS Iowa. Wow. There are no surfing safaris with these Californians. 

USS Iowa Museum

00:01 Breaking in the Grain Song with Lyrics by Martin Marquis; Sung by The 2 Half-Squad Singers
1:20 Interview 
9:00 Human Wave Rules
37:10 Partisan Rules
43:50 What's in the Box?
1:03:27 Total Running Time

Lyrics to Breakin' in the Grain
We're pinning in the grain, Just breaking in the grain
What a glorious feeling, we rally again
We're laughing at guns, so big on the hill
The sarge's in our hex, and we're ready to charge
Let the green half-squad chase, the H-I-P from the place
Come on with the wave, we have smoke on the way
We run down the plain, in the enemy firelane
Just pinnin' and breakin' in the grain.

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  1. Errata: change "safari's" in the last line of the introduction to "safaris"....

  2. Good catch. Fixed. Is this Dennis or Jim?