Thursday, November 2, 2023

Episode 330: Spooktacular Spectacle

 It's a Halloween Special that includes very few chills and thrills, but banter, AFV segment and an after action report on ON-6 Sweeping West from Bounding Fire Productions. 



Bounding Fire Productions

00:01 OBA From the Sky with Lyrics by Troy Nordine; Sung by A 2 Half-Squad Singer (originally appeared in Episode 63)
2:10 Small Talk
12:30 Contest Winner and New Contest
18:30 Armored Fighting Vehicles
41:10 Dave and Dave's After Action Report on ON-6 Sweeping West
55:17 Total Running Time

SONG LYRICS (lyrics by Troy Nordine)
Picture your squad in a raft, crossing a river,
Attacking German SS with powder blue eyes,
Somebody calls you, your Sargent is screaming,
“It's our movement phase, so get going guys”

The Germans in bunkers are firing at you,
Bullets go flying right over you're head,
Look for the chance to fire your rifle,
And they're gone...

OBA from the sky obliterates them....

Your movement phase begins, you run to the buildings,
While German Defensive First Fire flies over your head.
Your opponent smiles, as his mortar shot hits you
But your morale is so incredibly high.....

More of your squads, appear on the shoreline,
Assault moving toward the VP.
The Germans are climbing to the top of a nearby building,
Then they're gone.......

OBA from the sky obliterates them.......

Picture a wall with an AFV hull down,
It's gun barrel pointed directly at you,
Suddenly your saved as your opponent rolls boxcars,
He's Malf'ed is MA and recalled his tank...then.

OBA from the sky obliterates them.....

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