Monday, July 12, 2010

Episode 38: Odds and Ends and a PAASL of Trouble

This episode includes our regular features plus some special odds and ends. There is also some discussion of the scenarios played. We review the Armored Force Field Manual from 1942 as well as Hampton Sides' Ghost Soldiers, a history report about Maurice Britt, and a mention of The Pritzker Military Library and it's podcasts.

We finish with an insider's listen to one meeting of our local game club, the PAASL (Palatine Area Advanced Squad Leaders). You might be inspired to start your own club and get some rookies playing ASL. CHECK IT OUT!

4:00 Listener Mail
28:00 Book Review
39:00 A discussion of telling ASL stories
52:00 History Report
59:00 PAASL "The Sounds of the Game"
Total 1:25

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Scenarios based on movies


  1. Even if MMP doesn't use the sticky errata system anymore, you can still print 'em all on sticky paper yourself. Get all the latest errata from (look for "sticky errata" files.)

    I recently bought ASLRB2 and stickied every errata out there. It took me 2 days.

  2. I like "The Sounds of the Game" part. It is nice to be able to play face to face with people and talk strategy and hear the dice in the dice cups. I mostly play on VASL, with Skype, which is almost the same but not quite.

  3. I really enjoyed the Sounds of the Game, especially the mini-interviews with players talking about the games they are playing. I'm especially encouraged by all the newbies.

    On the down side, the History Report intro is waaaay too long. And I missed Box Art Review.

  4. Would be great if you make Sounds of the Game a regular feature.

  5. Mark,
    That is a great idea, we will see what we can do.
    Dave and Jeff