Sunday, September 26, 2010

Episode 41: The Art of War

One of the joys of the ASL hobby is collecting and owning the stuff -- the boxes, the scenarios, the journals -- and part of the joy of the stuff is the art that covers it. Would it be safe to say we all get some deep-seated joy when looking at a shelf full of beautifully illustrated gaming boxes? Don't we all like to occasionally lay out our bounty on a table or the floor so we can gaze at all that beautiful war art? You don't do that? Really? We do.

Our guest today is artist, historian, teacher, Ken Smith. Ken created the art gracing the covers of a number of ASL Journals and the soon-to-be-published (we hope) Hakkaa Päälle! Don't miss this fascinating glimpse into a very interesting and often over-looked aspect of the gaming hobby in general and ASL in particular. Then be sure to check out Ken's web site and blog to see his other excellent work, learn more about his craft and perhaps purchase one of his beautiful limited edition prints.

05:00 - Letters
28:20 - Great Plexiglass idea for starter boards and overlays.
31:40 - recently played scenarios
35:00 - Book Review -- The Ghost Mountain Boys
41:00 - interview with Ken Smith

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  1. Hey Guys, thanks for the interview! (next time I may have to buy a real telephone).

    Regarding the Netherlands, it's simpler to just refer to them as Dutchland. That's what I do (and it works for Welchland as well).

  2. As an FYI, this hasn't shown up on iTunes yet. How long does it normally take?

  3. Also wondering about when the episode will be posted on itunes for those of us who likes to listen while biking to and from work :)

  4. Normally the episodes are immediately available through iTunes. We will check this out and post our findings.

  5. Journal 8 has 2 scenarios relating to "The Ghost Mountain boys."
    Note: The 32nd Infantry Division was comprised of troops from Michigan and Wisconsin. It is flat land with long winters.
    They were sent to New Guinea to cross jungles and climb mountains without the proper training or equipment. S.N.A.F.U.
    Truly amazing that they could endure.

  6. I can't believe you got the Netherlands wrong again!

    The Netherlands is a country in Europe.

    It's made up of twelve provinces. Two of those provinces are called North Holland and South Holland. The Hollands have most of the famous places (like Amsterdam) in the Netherlands, which is why people get confused.

    Arnhem and Nijmegen are in Gelderland province, though.

    The people are Dutch, of course.

    No-one expects you to name all twelve provinces, any more than you'd expect a European to name all fifty states of the United States, but the Netherlands is no more complicated than the USA.

  7. Still nothing on itunes??

  8. We re-submitted the podcast feed to iTunes over a week ago and received confirmation on Oct 6th that it was all approved and would be ready for use. If you look here you will see it:

  9. 1. Thanks, Rick, for the info on the New Guinea scenarios. I'm going to sneak one in on Dave in the very near future.
    2. Richard, we actually did know that, believe me. We looked it up and read extensively, but whilst recording we forgot to make it extra clear. We'll revisit the topic again next show. Thanks for keeping it straight for us.

  10. For some reason the itunes link for the newest episode will not download this time..

  11. Thumbs up for Richard's comment!

  12. One of you guys is a teacher so I am surprised by the mistake regarding the Netherlands.

  13. Please ban the absolute dork who keeps giving you grief about the Netherlands.

    Great show!

  14. As of 12-8-10, Episode 41 is still not downloading from iTunes properly.

  15. Correct and we have given up on it since the later ones have loaded, nobody seems to know.
    Our apologies. You can download it from the site. We hope you will not be too inconvenienced.
    Thank you faithful listener Brandon
    Dave and Jeff