Monday, September 6, 2010

Episode 40: Effective Shelling

Well, we've reached fabulous 40 with this episode, and we've never felt better. In fact, we're more invigorated than ever about a certain combat simulation game called Advance Squad Leader and have lots of plans for future shows. Thanks for being with us!

In this episode, we air an interview we did some months ago with Pete Shelling. We managed to grab Pete between games at the ASL Open in Chicago. We know you'll enjoy hearing from this very familiar name in ASL-dom.

We also open "the box" and discuss MMP's Blood Reef: Tarawa -- Gamers Guide. Dave enlightens us all with a stunning Box Art Review. And of course, we sit and banter in a most relaxed, enjoyable and engrossing way about Advanced Squad Leader. Gosh, it's good to hear our voices. We hope you'll agree!

14:00 - Scenario Report
29:30 - What's In The Box
41:30 - Box Art Review
52:00 - Interveiw with Pete Shelling


ASL OKtoberfest 2010
Banzai!! Magazine from the Texas ASL Group
Desperation Morale web site
ROAR web site
MMP's Blood Reef: Tarawa -- Players Guide
Games Plus

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  1. Oh, just wow. I first thought you were not serious with the 'Countries of Netherlands', but apparently you were. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry but I was definitely baffled by your ignorance. You might want to check out the facts once more!

    Anyway, a very enjoyable show as always. Nice to hear the Finland song, me being from Finland :)

  2. Come on, Zumba, all our faithful listeners know "ignorance" is our middle name -- along with "dull"! But when in doubt as whether to laugh or cry, we suggest crying. Chicks dig guys who cry.

    Thanks for liking the show anyway. We appreciate you and all Netherlandians . . . Netherlandiers? . . . Netherlandites? Oops, our ignorance is showing again!

    Roll low.

    Jeff & Dave

  3. I have listened to all episodes and enjoyed them greatly but......

    That Netherlands commentary really had me floored! How could you say those things?? Are you teachers and WW2 fanatics and still think those things.. I can not understand it..

    I guess you would say anything outrageous to not have us press that "dull button" ;)

    Had you not had such a great history of fun and enlightning podcasts I would probably have turned it off right then and there..

  4. Everyone knows the Netherlands are Holland, Estonia, Bosnia and San Marino.

  5. Have to add that my comment was more written in disbelief than anything else. Love the podcast guys. Would not miss it for the world.

  6. Dear Jeff and Dave,
    Happy 40th! I liked this last episode so much, I could (almost) felt myself wanting to learn ASL ;) Just kidding!!! I put a check mark in the fun box! Keep those rifles pointed high! Robin (Jeff's wife)