Monday, March 5, 2012

ASL Extra #14: Early Battles

North of Kaunas, Lithuania, June 26th 1941:  We are back once again with yet another ASL Extra! This one is for you Starter Kit listeners.  Yes, a special treat just for you!  We bring you scenario S25 EARLY BATTLES.  Before we begin, please allow us to explain that an ASL Extra episode is designed to show you how a scenario was played by two ASLer's and for you to see how the scenario played out.  It will not teach you the rules, but should help you to see a larger, tactical view of the scenario played.  In this one, Barkalow's Russians attempt to prevent Kleinschmidt's Germans from taking a small village in Lithuania. 


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  1. I like the scenario summary.
    Good to see some Replays out there.
    What I'd like to see different is a more general description. Maybe Tier the counters for small stacks when you take a pic, so when we follow by the Pics( which should be included in every replay. Use the pics as the focus for the narration) we can see exactly what you are looking at... Yes, they point most things out, but some of your monster stacks look only 2 deep from above... Stagger counters a bit to give some depth, or take an angled pic to do the same.

    Maybe incorporate some simple PAINT program addition to show the "flow" of the turn(s) photo. Attacks/Moves/Retreats(broken) etc. to give more flavor to it.
    As you are "teaching" by showing, why not show just a little more.

    Overall, I like it. Especially the "plans for the upcoming turn" description.
    Keep it up!!

  2. No HIP for the Russian INF?

  3. Did German player remember to use sD?

  4. Vs infantry, it's best to use the Pz II IFE stacked with the MG - ROF goes down by 1 but still better chance of getting a result

  5. Vehicles cannot CC vehicles only Infantry

  6. Multiple MMCs vs vehicle in CC attack separately - only SMC can stack with MMC

  7. Hello Anonymous,
    We love your comments. They help the whole ASL community to learn and thrive! Feel free to leave your name also.