Saturday, March 24, 2012

Episode 65: Daveford and Sons

Just as you were starting to get bored with Dave and Jeff, we shake it up a bit and present Dave and his sons, Adam and Aaron.  Before you panic, have a listen and give these co-hosts a try.  

After Aaron and Dave share some fascinating letters, we have a little ditty for you from Sgt. Schmutz and the Half-Squad singer.  It's a great rendition of Ring of Fire. Then Dave and his son Adam bring you their review of Patton. Buildings crumble around us as we make our way Into the Rubble with the Advanced Squad Leader module from  Bounding Fire Productions. There are some fantastic maps in this pack. Terrain Time covers Open Ground (hey, we want to be sure we cover everything), so go ahead and cross it if you dare!
2:00 - Letters
17:45 - Movie Review "Patton"
14:00 - Song "Ring of Fire"
29:00 - What's in the Box?
47:00 - Terrain Time: Open Ground
53:16 - Total Running Time



  1. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the podcast. I always get excited when I see a new episode start downloading in iTunes.

    You guys are pretty much the reason I started playing. I had the starter kits for a while, but couldn’t get into them. Your podcast motivated me to try and learn them. I found a local guy to teach me (thanks Dan O.!), and the rest is history.

    I hope MMP recognizes what a valuable resource you are to the community. You guys really brought the game to life, made it sound fun and exciting and really made it seem like a community.

    I am 37, and regularly play SK scenarios with my wife (31).

    Keep up the good work, and we’ll keep listening no matter how dull they are. =)


  2. Great review of Into the Rubble - there are some really good scenarios in that pack, and the boards are fantastic.

  3. Maybe when you do your "Letters" section, you could have a mix of positive and negative letters. Right now every letter has praised you for your greatness.

    Also, your son is a good reader.

  4. Guys, the latest episode isn't coming up on iTunes. Any ideas?

    I like being able to walk to work listening to the show, so don't spoil the only exercise I get (other than rolling dice).


  5. Hi Jason. We do read the negative letters when we get them, but to be completely honest we just don't get very many negative emails or comments. We're sure there are plenty of folks who don't care for certain aspects of the show, and no doubt there are some who simply don't like it at all. Whatever the case, they are either too polite to let us know, or are too busy attending to activities they DO like -- such as playing lots of Advanced Squad Leader.

    Thanks for posting your thoughts!

  6. Hi Geoff. Thanks for the alert. I (Jeff) am responsible for that aspect of the production, but have been overly pre-occupied with work lately. I have now corrected the issue. Now, get back to walking! Currahee!!!