Sunday, May 5, 2013

Episode 90: Counter Attack

We've been doing this for ninety episodes (not including all the ASL Extras) over the last five years, and Jeff is ready for some [more] reward, respect and homage. So today we start the campaign to get his name on a counter. But he can't do it alone. Listen to this episode for details on how to help him in this offensive (adj) offensive (noun). MMP, watch out for Jeff's Counter Attack!

We also open some letters, as usual. And fortunately for Advanced Squad Leader fans, Dave brings us back on topic with a review of ASL Journal 1's article on PTO and two more Journals (5 and 6) for Box Art Review.

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  1. New contest: How many times will you guys say Sam Tyson in 1 episode?
    Talk about name dropping- sheesh! Great episode guys. Keep up the dull work :>

    confused in LA, Matt

  2. Sam Tyson? Did we mention Sam Tyson? Hmm. We'll have to listen again, and then email Sam Tyson to let him know we said "Sam Tyson" during the show. Sam (Tyson, that is) likes to hear his name.