Monday, September 9, 2013

Episode 100: EPISODE 100!

It's hard to believe but this is EPISODE 100! We guess we never really doubted that we would make it this far. It's kind of easy when you are having this much fun.

This is the audio-only portion of the live broadcast we did via Google HangOut. You can check out the full video here. Creating a SHOW GUIDE for this one was a challenge as the ASL discussion was free flowing. There are some outstanding tips from Rich Spilky buried in here.

We'd like to thank the guests that joined us in the broadcast foxhole and via Hangout, and to all our listeners for making this podcast fun and --we hope -- valuable. We hope you enjoy this milestone episode.

Tim Klepaczyk as guest.

Jeff plays the T2HS theme song live!

Robin, Rich and Jared, arrive to talk ASL.

1:30 Mats Olsson
6:15 Acoustic Theme Song
7:00 Tim Klepaczyk
24:00 Stephen Hicks
27:00 Eddie Carlson
31:00 WWII Mini's
37:00 ASL Slideshow
55:00 Robin and Rich Spilky
1:04:00 Jared Spilky
1:23:02 Total Running Time

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  1. Congratulations guys! And here's to another 100,

    From Toronto,


  2. Congrats guys! Keep up the great work. You make sitting in my windowless crypt of an office a lot more bearable. Now the question is which comes first...Episode 200 or Hakkaa Paalle?

    Mike from Alabama

  3. Cheers,
    Congratulations to the 2 Half Squads! Nice job Jeff and Dave. Too bad I missed the live episode.
    Keep em coming.

  4. Wow! Not only have you created 100 episodes, but I've listened to 100 episodes! Well done, I hope there are many more to come.
    Especially Box Art Review.

  5. Glad I could be a part of your 100th episode and am looking forward to episode 200 and all the ones in-between.

  6. Congrats guys! Keep up the good work, let's go for another 100 episodes :)


    PS: Thank You for interviewing Tom Morin in the past episode!

  7. Congrats guys this is an unbelievable acomplishment and you both should be very proud of yourselves.

    Great 100 episodes and thank you for helping me get through clipping my counters with a smile on my face.

    Cheers from High River AB Canada.