Saturday, May 31, 2014

Episode 117: Roll Low and Nap Well

We were, admittedly, a wee bit tired as we started recording this show, but a little ASL talk is a wonderful stimulant and before you know it we were in full swing and back to our usual antics. A few letters from some fine fans get us revved up pretty quickly. But when you hear our impromptu karaoke version of  "I Want to Know What You've Been Playing Lately" (with sincere apologies to Foreigner) you'll wish we'd gone to bed.

We're then happy to present the remaining interviews from the ASL Open, including a rare chat with our old Hakkaa Paalle pal, Lars Thuring. Surely Lars should get a Most Patient Advanced Squad Leader Module Designer award.

Finally, we do a bit of Movie Talk about the 2008 film, Valkyrie.

So put on a fresh pot o' joe and prepare to be entertained. As for us . . . zzzzzzzzzZ.

1:25 - Letters
30:00 - What Have You Been Playing Lately?
41:30 - ASL Open Interviews with Mike Stubits and Bill Forg
47:15 - Interview with Lars Thuring
1:06 - Movie Talk: Valkyrie

St. Louis ASL Tournament

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  1. Twa puddin' heids this time. Ye should rename yer dull button tae troll, it seems to attract them like flies. I hope you billies dinna get wabbit oot wae aw the negativity cus I luv this show man.

    Rabbie Burns.

  2. My vote is yes for the book review.

  3. You talked about the movie "Argo". The Embassy that helped the Americans to get out of Iran was the Canadian Embassy. The British had nothing to do with it.
    Your Brethren in the North,
    Stewart Cahill
    London, Ontario, Canada.

  4. Thanks for your comments, all.

    You're quite right, Stewart. I (Jeff) made a little gaff there. Of course it was the Canadians; I have no idea why I said "the British". Not only did the movie state it very clearly, but I was in college at the time of the actual event and remember the story and resulting outpouring of gratitude by the US to our neighbors to the north. Viva Canada!

  5. Answering AlanH's call: I AM LISTENING.

  6. Thanks for clarifying Action Pack #9 and in thanks, I just ordered it for a nice Father's Day gift. My wife is horrified that people think she plays ASL, but it's good for her.

  7. Happy Father's Day Jeff and Dave. My wife is going to let me play ASL! What a GREAT Father's Day present!