Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Episode 121: Water Works

There are about a zillion ways to learn the rules for Advanced Squad Leader. Perhaps the least effective is by listening to this show. Never-the-less, and with brazen disregard for the obvious, we plunge into some rules you'll need to get your troops across that river. Unless you exclusively play desert scenarios, you're bound to stumble into circumstances where you'll need to risk getting your (or your infantry's) feet wet. Maybe then you'll think back on this episode and mutter a quiet "thank you" to us for our hard work. But probably not!

We also have fun opening The Box to find MMP's Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #5. Is it worth the price? Listen and find out. If you decide to order it, tell MMP you heard about it on this show and they'll give you . . . nothing extra.

2:30 - What Have You Been Playing Lately?
18:30 - What's in the Box? Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #5
34:30 - Rules: Boats and Swimming
1:19:50 - Total Running Time
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  1. Guys, the overlay is neither woods nor brush in a valley; it's marsh.

  2. Wow, we are really shamed on that error. It is marsh, now we see the little spiky darker green things in the design. Jeff can blame his lack of glasses. What is Dave's excuse?

  3. Nice job guys. Miss letters and opening comedy bit.

    Matt from Sunny LA

  4. Another non-ASL playing listener signing in but I did grow up playing the original Squad Leader. Been listening to you guys since about episode 30. I play the greatest game on earth - Combat Commander. But since there is no Combat Commander podcast to listen too, you guys will have to do. The counters look sort of the same.
    Paul in Western Australia.

  5. @Paul: Hey, you can't say Combat Commander is the greatest game on earth and just leave it at that, on a website that is dedicated to the greatest game on earth Advanced Squad Leader! :D