Thursday, April 13, 2017

ASL Extra Episode #24: WO18 A Quick Strike

Opening set-up.
In this ASL Extra we are proud to present Mike Stubits and Rich Spilky as our special guests.  Join Dave Kleinschmidt as he provides a play by play of the Advanced Squad Leader scenario WO18: A Quick Strike. Mikes Americans move against a crafty Japanese defense around the Munda Airfield in New Georgia.  Break out your PTO rules, boards 74 and 75 and follow along. 

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  1. 10:05 "I have three squads in 75Z5" This is overstacked in a dense-jungle hex (G2.2) and is illegal during initial setup (A5.1).

  2. 51:30 "I forfeited one shot to retain concealment" Defensive First Fire removes concealment before the DC is operably Placed (A23.3) so the DC attack is not halved for Area Fire

  3. 1:47:20 "You call a Hand-to-Hand before you roll Ambush" Ambush is resolved before declaring Hand-to-Hand (ASOP 8.21B)

  4. Eric T: Responding to your three rules observations. I believe you are correct on all three. 1) A dense jungle has stacking limit of 2 FS, not 3, so Mike may have not been able to move that many units into the Location to rally, but i didn't think of it at the time. 2) I suppose that you are right on that one too. If you defensive fire at the DC placer as he expends MFs in the act of DC placement, then he'd be placing the DC on an unconcealed defending unit at that point. I suppose if I had held fire until such time as he expended additional MFs after the DC placement, then I would receive the benefit of concealment on the DC placement on me, but that is not what happened. 3)i wasn't sure about that one and just "went with it" as it was a point in the game when it wasn't vital to the outcome. thanks for checking the details!

    Rich S.