Saturday, September 2, 2017

Episode 183: Last Bid Revisited and More

Forg, Kleinschmidt, and Spilky
Realizing that Dave and Jeff alone make for an awfully lonely (and sometimes just plain awful) show, they invited Rich Spilky, and Bill and Will Forg to discuss their playing of The Last Bid from Red Barricades. As you might expect, you will gain some great tactical advice from the discussion. After that "after action report" Rich and Bill both discuss their latest Advanced Squad Leader related products and ideas. These brilliant ideas include new charts, a better method of making tongs and counter containers, and much more. Oh, yeah, and don't you think for a moment that you can steal these great ideas. They are patented.

All made with a 3D printer

1:00 Behind the Scenes Chatter
Forg's container for Japanese Vehicles
2:50 The Last Bid After Action Report
44:50 Spilky's Upcoming ASL Projects
57:30 Forg's ASL Projects
1:08:50 Total Running Time

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  1. Hey great Job...never knew about sewer movement was so effective...

  2. Nice episode! Good to mix it up a bit with the AAR and additional guests.

    Did I hear distillery and DeKalb, IL in the same sentence? I went to NIU for a few years and learned about the house/museum where barbed wire was invented. Also learned about Grain/Kunai (i.e. soybean and corn fields) and Extreme Winter.


  3. Are these 3D printed things on like thingiverse for others to use?

  4. Not to our knowledge. We understood Bill to say they were just personal things made for fun.