Saturday, February 10, 2018

Episode 192: The Objective Schmidt Show

Sure seems like Christmas (or maybe our birthdays around here).  We have been getting a lot of cool ASL in the mail.  Forgotten War, Lone Canuck and best of all, Objective Schmidt by Bounding Fire Productions.  We dedicate most of this show to that fine product.  After a mediocre comedy but that is clearly stolen from a joke Dave's Dad used to tell him, we skip the banter, because Jeff is not here in this show.  And it's kind of hard for Dave to banter with himself.  Especially if he wants to avoid any labels.  After opening that box we jump into detailed coverage of the terrain of Operation Schmidt.

We all know life can be hard and life's difficulties have struck Chas Argent's family.
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0:05 The Return of Comedy Bits; Don't Hold Your Breath
1:35 What's in the Box? Operation Schmidt
34:34 Terrain Time
57:30 Total Running Time Download this episode (right click and save)

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  1. Black and white stripes on aircraft were used on a number of occasions BEFORE Normandy, but that is what they are most famous for. I believe many RAF/Commonwealth units had the majority of their stripes removed mid-July 44, not sure about the USAAF.
    Another good episode, but Jeff was missed.

    Adam - Australia