Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Episode 201: An ASL Oddity

Open the ASL Rulebook Hal.
Sorry HAL 9000, it had to be done.....and we had a lot of fun doing it.
Do you think a HAL  unit would have its line of sight blocked to the interior of the ship if you held the ASL Rulebook up over it's little red eye?  You will learn the answer to that question as we explore rule 6, LOS. It is a bit of a "quiz show" so sharpen your mind and prepare to listen.  See if you can beat Jeff to the right answers.

Dave Ginnard (photo credit to D. Garvin)

You new ASLer's can learn alot about the history of the game from our interview with the very famous and most wise, Dave Ginnard.  You older players will enjoy hearing about the good old days. He hails from Ohio and was there at the genesis of Advanced Squad Leader.  He's also a lot of fun to listen to in his own right. So give it a listen. Rich Spilky connected us at the ASL Open. Thanks, Rich.

Remember to not run into any trees everyone.

0:2 Comedy Bit
4:40 Bantero
16:45 LOS Rules
43:48 Interview with Dave Ginnard
1:24:16 Total Running Time

Kirk Pfan's LOS aid
Open the Pod Bay Doors Hal, 2001: A Space Odyssey
Deactivating Hal, 2001: A Space Odyssey
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  1. Great interview with Dave. As for the old scenarios, as tournament director and as helping out at Tussle, I make it a mission to include some as old as Guards Counterattack. They are classics for a reason. We mix them up with new scenarios, but cannot go without the golden oldies!

    Roll Low!

  2. To have Dave Ginnard send you a shout out on a 2 Half-Squads Podcast...well let me just say...that's AWESOME!!! But to set the record straight. I went 2-1 at March Madness. Can't wait for Round 1 St. Louis with Mr. Ginnard!

  3. The chart referenced and linked here by Jeff is very helpful. The chart was put together by our ol' friend idjester (interviewee from T2HS Episode 195). The chart makes a reference to a part two dealing with blind hexes, and that chart can be found here

  4. Yes, that is the link we were looking for.