Saturday, September 29, 2018

Episode 207: Battling Banozic

Banozic, Emberton and Forg
What a treasure trove of an interview! We've got it right here for ya brothers and sisters.  It is the legendary and lyrical Robert Banozic.  He is joined by Will Forg, and Zach Emberton,  Together they reminisce and pontificate on all things ASL.  Robert was one of the first names that early Advanced Squad Leader players recognize from his days in the early Chicago scene and his writings in many prominent publications, Backblast, The General and the Annual among others.

We forgot the ads in this one, but we are always grateful to our sponsors, Bounding Fire Productions, Ritterkrieg and we'd like to welcome Broken Ground Designs as our newest supporter. 

1:00:15 Total Running Time

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  1. Always really enjoy the podcasts and especially you talking to a bunch of folks at the ASL open. I'm sure that you've got a million guys that you want to interview, but one name that I see a lot of is Nadir Elfarra. I have no idea whether he's available or interested in in talking to you guys, but I'd love to hear his take on ASL, and about his history. He's done a lot of ASL stuff, but he's also done a lot of other things. - Dan in Vancouver

  2. Great idea. We will move this info into the "interview" folder.

  3. Great interview! The best ever. Do they give Emmys for podcasts? You should put in for one. Except for that senile old guy you interviewed - the one who claimed credit for the Operation Citadel scenario. Obviously he meant FF14 Operation Rosselsprung. But except for him, it was great. I really liked the background noise, too.