Sunday, January 13, 2019

Episode 214: Mad Hatten in Flames

Bob Joins us again and we open with some BEARS talk, and since that will appeal to very few of you we also have a discussion about Peter Jackson's The Hobbit Trilogy and Russians in general. What we have been playing lately includes scenario ASL 173: Father Sunshine, and WO 20 Sealing Their Fate.  What's in the box? gives us an opportunity to review the Russian counters from Broken Ground Design as well as the new Multi Man Publishing product for the Advanced Squad Leader game system, Hatten in Flames. While we have that game out in front of those the Muses spoke and asked us to do a Box Art Review. So we did.
Jeff found a full view of the original work that does verify his Poker Dog observations as you can see.

0:01 Song An Overun
3:00 Opening Conversation
18:30 What Have You Been Playin' Lately?
26:20 What's in the Box? Broken Grounds Russian Counters
36:00 Box Art Review
48:00 What's in the Box? Hatten in Flames
1:12:30 Total Running Time

LYRICS to "An Overun"
Lyrics by Dennis Donovan, Performed by Megan Kleinschmidt and The 2 Half Squad Singers

I saw him at the open and my heart stood still

I’ll do one one-one, an over run?

I needed some CVPs and it fit the bill

I’ll do one-one-one, an over run
Yeah, he’s on a hill
, Yeah, an easy kill

Went into hex G1
one-one-one, an over run
Knew not what I was doing, but I had to try

I’ll do one-one-one, an over run

The con-cept seemed easy, but my-oh-my .

I’ll do one-one-one, an over run
Yeah, I had to try ...
Yeah, it’s do-or-die
... Yeah, I love this rule.

To do one-one-one, an over run
I declared one-one, an over run

I’ll do one-one-one, an over run
I attacked with 7 FP and I rolled a 5
I did one-one-one, an over run

Rolls like that are gonna get his guys

I did one-one-one, an over run
Yeah, it went just fine
....Yeah, ‘till I hit that mine
.....Yeah, if ya get immob’d

It’s half FP on, an over run
An over run run       
I did one-one-one, an over run

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  1. This episode reminded my of my ASL rule book. I print out errata and paste it over the section to be amended. Now that I am playing full ASL (I did the errata corrections when I was still playing SK mostly), I will open the rule book and read a section, and if the errata is there, I may wonder, "What was there originally?" What was at 14:26? Perhaps it was just a technical "mystery smudge." (Much like the smudge at the start of Rule A.11 in my book. What the heck was that I smeared on the page?

  2. Happy New Year Jeff and Dave! Another fine episode. I don't own "Hatten in Flames" but appreciate your review. You should check out Peter Jackson's latest project "They Shall Not Grow Old". His outstanding work with original WWI footage... bringing it to 21st Century film standards. Fantastic! Unfortunately it was shown on only 2 dates in the USA. Hopefully will be available soon on DVD. Watch the trailer on YouTube and see his awesome work!!! Prepare to be amazed!!

  3. Jeff did see the film. Dave had to miss it. We must discuss it on the next show.

  4. Fun box art review and a nice look at Hatten. 2019 is off to a great start!