Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Episode 226: Red Factories for Snobs

Some banter brings talk of the American Civil War in gaming, and in the book about the Civil War, Battle Cry of Freedom. The discussion of that book leads us to a discussion on economics, (wait, did we just say economics?) yes, we did. 

The letters from our fascinating listeners are as interesting as usual, and if anyone knows where the current ASL Ladder is located please let us know.  Because interesting listeners want to know.

We then take a deep look in the box, and finally find Red Factories by Multi-Man Publishing! There is a lot of content to see, the original Red Barricades maps are here, as well as those for the new Red October game. That is four mega maps! Also included are some new counters, as well as reprints of those from Barricades.  We take a gander at all of these excellent ASL accessories. It's a sneak peek into Advanced Squad Leader heaven.

1:00 Too Much Chat, but it's Fascinating Chat
20:00 Letters
32:00 What's in the Box?
57:00 Total Running Time

Battle Cry of Freedom Book
Red Banner from DC Conscripts

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  1. Jeff, Dan Best and I played a game of ASL Civil War the other day using Critical Hit's Gettysburg Turning Point 1863 Module. Sorta fun and played differently of course from regular ASL. link to our AAR https://boxcarsagainaslblog.blogspot.com/2019/07/our-saturday-game-gettysburg-turning.html

  2. Hey Jeff and Dave. Can't get enough of you guys chatting. Part of the charm of your podcast. Like hanging out with a couple of ASL buddies! Being an ACW history buff Jeff's choice of "Battle Cry" is a good one. Jeff, you can also watch Ken Burn's ACW documentary. I have RF, but have yet to crack the shrinkwrap, so I really enjoyed your "what's in the box" seqment. July is over... enjoy August you two! Roll low, and Rally Well

  3. Thanks for the comments, encouragement and advice.