Saturday, August 3, 2019

Episode 227: Pachyderms and Pillboxes

Mike Stubits joins Dave and Jeff in the Broadcast Foxhole as he discusses his gaming background and his tournament experiences.  He is freshly back from the St. Louis Tournament that he attended with Rich Spilky.  And he recounts his adventures and the wonderful generosity of the Texas ASL boys!

You can brush up on your pillbox rules during Terrain Time, which doubles as a kind of Quiz Show so pack up your pachyderms and your ASL kit in your trunk, and play along!

1:00 ASL Tournament Talk
29:00 Terrain Time
1:06:20 Total Running Time

Pachyderms at Brookfield Zoo
Boardgame Geek Pillbox Questions

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  1. Happy August, Dave & Jeff! Hard to believe Summer 2019 is half done. My ASL time takes a hit during the Summer. Too nice outside ... to spend hours inside. I'll listed to your podcast poolside while sipping a nice cold drink! I've never played an ASL scenario with a pillbox.. so appreciated the 'terrain time' discussion. What a surprise to me, answered most of the questions correctly, but then most just required common sense. Hope it is cool in the broadcast foxhole... but your dice run HOT. Hey Dave, I bet it will feel weird as school's opening approaches. Enjoy your retirement!!

  2. Thanks Jack. It is grand to be outside in the summer. Jeff loves helping Robin with some gardening an Dave has been editing and posting in the backyard to the sounds of birds, and some very loud cicadas later in the day.

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  4. Just playing a PB scenario. I think the AP damage is either 1 or 2 on the IFT based on the Size of the Gun. So, 100mm does the same as 50mm....seems odd, but I guess its a balance thing.
    Great SHOW!!
    Great GUEST

  5. Pachyderms are great for removing roadblocks, especially the 'mammoth' ones.