Thursday, September 12, 2019

Episode 230: Dave, The Fonz, and Me

At the start of this episode there are a few issues with Dave's volume. Darn. But it is corrected relatively quickly. Yay.
Together we discuss our visit to Comic Con and our wonderful time with Henry Winkler. Then Dave tells what it is like to become an almost empty nester, then he gives us an update from the Palatine Area Advanced Squad Leaders (PAASL) game club. During that report, you will hear from Will Marrerro, Dan Janezik, Mike Stubits, Ron Schatz, and Bill Forg. They discuss Scenario RPT 55: Coudehard Cache, Scenario HG-2 Konista Crackdown and Scenario 43: Into the Fray.

Letters are as fascinating as usual.

1:00 Banter
13:00 Letters
31:00 PAASL After Action Report
58:45 Total Running Time

Bunkers in Greece
Wild West Fest

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The Greeks attacking the hill on left and woods on right.
Near the end. Success in taking the hill and most of the village.

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  1. Dave...nice Kansas City March Madness T-Shirt you are sporting there!!

  2. Looks like those guns Malf on an 11+

  3. Jeff, if you hit the Eagles Nest during your upcoming European Visit, see if you can also fit in a quick visit to Salzburg, which is a short train ride from Berchtesgaden. You'll be right in the heart of Sound of Music locales. The view from the city castle above the city is absolutely spectacular. Wonderful city and worth the detour. Gute Reise!!!