Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Episode 242: RitterKrieg Live!

The enthusiasm of Derek Ritter is contagious, and it makes for a wonderful interview, even though Jeff and Dave were not in the broadcast foxhole together, but rather worked remotley from home. That was a first. Skype seems to suffice as Derek calls in to tell us all about the gaming stuff happening in North Carolina area, the tournament there, and all the new products that have hit the ASL market lately.  There is a lot to hear here so have a listen. Let Derek's fire get you fired up for some Advanced Squad Leader play during your Coronavirus lock down!


1:01:16 Total Running Time

Derek's Youtube Channel

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  1. Ritterkrieg in the House! Awesome interview guys!

  2. Awesome hearing Derek describe how his shop came to be and his plans going forward! Great show, guys.

  3. Hey Dave and Jeff! Another good episode. Being stuck in the house, I have decided to go back and listen again to some of my favorite episodes!
    Derek is a great guy, and it was cool to have him on your podcast. Keep up the good work. Stay safe and healthy!!!