Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Episode 244: Here we go a Vasling!

Hey, really short write up for this show. It truly is, almost, well practically, 100% or so, dedicated to the Greatest Game in the World, Advanced Squad Leader. We have our knowledgeable, loyal and true friend, Mike Ryzy on hand to help us explain our rookie foray into Virtual Advanced Squad Leader, otherwise known as VASL. Did you win the British counters from Broken Ground Design? Listen and see.

1:00 Banter Then on With the Show
50:00 The Brentrance Drawing
1:00:45 Total Running Time

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  1. You can also play Cardboard via SKYPE...and avoid the VASSAL HASSLE. You only need SKYPE and a dual setup and your on your way. Just an option.

  2. Oh and Dave...you can use all of your counters too...just say'n...Broken Ground will thank you!

  3. Yes, we will have to try that method also.

  4. Heya folks - when it comes to Leader/Hero counters .. you can do CTRL-N and name the counters (comes up different vs CTRL-L and labelling it)

  5. RE: Silent LOS check: It's true your opponent won't see where you are drawing the LOS from or to. However, your opponent knows that you are doing a Silent LOS because the system announces that in the chat box.

  6. Keep the helpful comments coming everybody! Thanks Jackson!

  7. Also, if you use VOIP, then split the windows preference..(combined windows)
    To just show the map on the screen!!

  8. The Silent LOS is best used for LOS to Hidden fortifications that would otherwise be revealed upon a CLEAR LOS or other WONKY ASL rules.