Monday, June 8, 2020

ASL Extra 26: Broich Bash

Wow, it's been a long time since we put up an ASL Extra for your enjoyment. This one was recorded last year.  Dave Timonen faces off against Chris Walters, who is playing his first game in many years. It's amazing how the rules and tactics come back to him so quickly.  Advanced Squad Leader is like learning to ride a bicycle, once you learn you never forget how to do it.  Dave and Chris are playing Broich Bash, which was originally published in the old In Contact Newsletter.  Then released in an ASL Annual as, A69 (ROAR US 102/German 114).  It was then re-republished as Scenario 200 in YANKS! 2nd Edition (ROAR US 9/German 14). Set up your boards and play along with us. Or use VASL.

Broich Bash on ASL Archive

The German set up is in the upper left hand corner and the turn numbers for the rest of the photos are uncertain for labeling purposes, but you will easily be able to follow along as you listen. Hear a few tips, and grab some tactical advice as you join us for Broich Bash.

Music provided by agreement with Erdenstern

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  1. Hey Dave, VC looks like each building is worth 1VP per level (total)
    So single hex = 1VP 2 story house worth 2VP ( it has 2 levels) and the Multistory building is worth 3VP (3 levels, ground, L1 and L2).
    It didnt seem to mention per HEX of levels. I'm not sure...seems like you need to get the MULTI story regardless...which seems odd.

  2. I lost the action Near 1:20:00 The routing units in U8
    Pretty Fun!! All the SNAKES!!

  3. 1:06 advance fire phase Assaulting fire was done incorrectly. You do all the doubling and halving first. 6 halved for Advance fire 3 doubled for PBF 6 +1 for Assault fire = 7 x 2 squads equals 14 not 16

  4. The formula for Assault Fire Bonus is shown here: (

  5. Oops, here's correct adress for the Assault fire Bonus formula:

  6. Sheesh, I should probably double-check my messages before I post them. Duh.

  7. Thanks everyone for the comments. First it helps us keep things straight and you know we need a lot of help when it comes to that. Second, it shows someone is actually listening!