Saturday, July 4, 2020

Episode 250: Last Bid vs. Men of Steel

What better way to start episode #150 than with the witty lyrics of a new song by Dennis Donovan. Then the studious Rich Spilky joins us and presents his amazing analysis of both, RB5: The Last Bid, and RO5: Men of Steel from Red October. Advanced Squad Leader at its finest.

Does your love of our soothing voices leave you longing for a look at our handsome faces? Well... have we got the show for you! We are now going to attempt to post the episodes (with more visuals) on Our YouTube Channel. The video version of this episode can be found here.

In the What We've Played Lately segment Dave gives an after action report. He and Dave T have been playing scenario HS32: A Few Rounds More, from Multi-Man Publishing's Operation Veritable.  They played it on VASL.
Go Them!\

0:02 Song "Under a Stun"
4:00 Banter
13:00 Analysis of The Last Bid and Men of Steel
45:00 What Have You Been Playing Lately?
55::09 Total Running Time

Wu Wei's write up of his game of HS32 on Boardgame Geek 
Rich's Article is in this issue of Banzai 24.1 

The 2 Half-Squads
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Under A Stun 
Concept & Lyrics:  Dennis Donovan
Editing: Chris Gammon and Dave Wallick
Vocals: The 2 Half-Squads Singers

Under a stun
The crew, whose hatch wasn’t down
Under a stun
The crew who was hit by a sniper’s round
Read Chapter D!
For differences ‘tween Shock and Stun
Woe is me, the crew got stung
They’re under a stun

Under a stun
The half-track crew, who had a bad day
Under a stun
The crew who can’t just drive away
Blew their MC
Sad it is
They’re buttoned up ‘till next Movement Phase
Seems to me
For now they’re done
They’re under a stun

Under a stun
It’s a tank.. hit .by falling rubble
Under a stun
MG TK, number, equals TK Roll
So please tell me,
I know they’re stunned, are they broken too?
Buttoned up, having no fun
They’re under a stun
It seems to me, ….oh yeah
They’ll be back up in a turn or two
Stun is flipped, when CC’s done
they’re under +1 (plus one)

Under a STUN
Those guys suffered a ‘K’ result
Under a STUN, well
This turn, they can do nothin’ else              
Sniper got me, d’oh!  Commander’s dead!
They’re buttoned up
and they’re recalled too
They exit,
change has come

They’re under a STUN

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  1. VERY nice work on the song vocal, Dave. I could feel your inner Mick coming through. Well done!

  2. Hi Dave and Jeff (and Jeff and Dave),
    Where's the musical intro to the episode in the video version? Not considering expanding into the realm of music videos?
    I found the video version very good, more than happy to see more.

  3. Thanks for linking my AAR!

  4. Thanks for writing it up Tobias!  And for listening.

  5. Greetings Jeff and Dave, great show as always. You keep producin, I'll keep listnin. RE the Sturm Tiger VASL marker, it's in the counter menu for the Sturm Tiger itself. CTRL V activates it to a prep fire "MA Fired This Turn" marker. The next CTRL V changes it to a defensive fire marker. The third CTRL V deletes the marker altogether. I took a screenshot for you but can't upload it here. I'll email it to you. BTW, I've been the recipient of a Sturm Tiger direct hit. I knew stacking my entire Oob in the same hex was a bad idea :-) Thanks for all the listening hours guys, very much appreciated!
    Al Cannamore

  6. I know this is late, but the special counters for the SturmTigers are built into the vehicle counter itself.
    There is a This/Last (ctrl-v) option to toggle through the counters.