Friday, September 25, 2020

Episode 256: Goldman's Gold

Todays show covers the terrain gems from Onslaught to Orsha II. That includes slopes, culverts, cupolas and a little bit more. We do apologize for the poor audio quality. Covid is taking it's tech toll.

We follow that up with an in depth report from David Goldman about the ASL Open's first fully remote tournament played on VASL.There is a lot of valuable information in this interview. It's golden. You can learn about the in's and out's of such an endevour. Did you know that players still have conflicts regarding available time when they play digitally, even though the schedule is expanded?  Did you know that some players don't play on VASL?  What Rubes!  We've been playin' on VASL since way back in....since....well...oh wait, yeah...nevermind.  We wouldn't want to call any newcomers names.  How rude would that be?

:30 Chit Chat

9:00 Terrain Time

31:35 Goldman ASL Open Interview

1:12:21 Total Running Time

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1 comment:

  1. Love it gentlemen.
    I completely agree with you much time is wasted at the office, time and money spent going to "meetings and trainings"
    This should completely change trainings and school learning IF administered correctly.
    I'm not seeing that now, but I'm sure it will come along.