Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Episode 262: LC Not Elsie

Hope you enjoy the wonderful opening song by with lyrics by Chris Gammon and sung by The 2 Half Squads Singers. The lyrics are printed below. Some great ASLer's chime in like Alan Hume and Scott Mullins through the magic of voicemail. And that gave us the idea for our next contest. 

We have a contest ending January 15th. You need to call in using the button on the right side of the web page and give a "Shout Out"  to a cool alser that you know and would like to recognize in public. Then you will be entered into the contest and we will draw the winner on January 16th.   

We finish out the show with part one of an in depth look at the Landing Craft Rules from chapter G. 

1:00 Banter
2:00 Greetings and Chit Chat
19:00 Contest Announced
24:00 The Rules 
1:13:58 Total Running Time


O' Gammon Bomb
Concept and Lyrics by Chris Gammon
Performed by The 2 Half Squad Singers 

Oh Gammon Bomb, Oh Gammon Bomb,
An SSR doth grant me.
Your like an ATMM thing
Just tossing one, pulls the ring.

Oh Gammon Bomb, Oh Gammon Bomb,
Your minus three enthralls me,
A low die roll is what it takes
Please no misses or PIN mistakes.

Oh Gammon Bomb, Oh Gammon Bomb,
Make toasty flame come easy.

Oh Gammon Bomb, Oh Gammon Bomb,
I need five more CVP
My opponnent did it again
He overan my best men. 

Oh Gammon Bomb, Oh Gammon Bomb,
Let my revenge come swiftly.

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  1. Hong Kong Wargamer and Zoltan Grose put the maps on VASL. So they should be available for VASL.

  2. Hahaha thanks @GrumbleJones.
    @2HalfSquads - I just sent a shoutout, but don't panic if I happen to win, you won't have to send the prize outside of continental US. I really just want to thank a people anyway - what a GREAT idea!

  3. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qcy34jfdadn7l6b/AAD0UM2oHKhUZity3lT5Zyd0a?dl=0
    This is the dropbox link to all the Where the Half-Squads Dare files, maps, etc.

  4. Jeff/Dave Dave/Jeff - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! All the very best to you and yours. :)