Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Episode 267: Indeed, It's Mike Reed of KE

What a blast from the past, and a glimpse at the future. An interview with the marvelous Mike Reed of Kinetic Energy fame. Have a listen as Mike provides us with a look at the history of the Advanced Squad Leader world of Kinetic Energy Productions run by Mark Neukom and John Knowles. He also discusses the early version of the Korean War module that he worked extensively on but it never saw the light of day due do the copyright crackdown of 1996.  Mr. Reed explains some of the early logic behind the design decisions about the rules governing the Chinese in Korea, etc. Mike was one of the original managers of the March Madness Tournament and designer of many scenarios in the early March Madness packs. Enjoy this blast from the past! 

1:00 Banter
13:00 Interview with Mike
1:08:03  Total Running Time 

Mike Reed/KE Farewell Letter

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  1. Hi, Mike!
    This is Larry Maxwell. Thx 4 the shout out! I'm still playing (badly). I still everything I got from TOT, KE, etc, and the original Korea stuff.

    Ran into Ken Katz at WO last year. I will probably stay in the hobby at least until MMP puts out the new Desert module, J#13, and whatever MMP puts out the door in the meantime. Good to hear from you.

  2. One More Thing: I still my "Keeping Wittman Alive" award. I have fun picking on my Congressman (Rob Wittmann) for this.