Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Episode 298: It's The Bishop

This episode is a must listen. Well, we think all of our episodes are must listens but what do we know?

The most excellent ASLer Jim Bishop honors us with his presence and knowledge, and he provides us with a fascinating hour of Advanced Squad Leader talk.  

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1:00 - NO Banter
1:01 - Jim Bishop
1:00:40 - Total Running Time

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  1. ROFL I had to laugh at the "4HMG's just happen to land on the 10-3 Leader"
    Its the worst thing about CG. Not really sure that was actually done historically..."eggs in a basket" comes to mind.
    But "it's a game" is echoing in my basement.

  2. Great to hear Jim and his perspective on this wonderful game. I'm glad he's retired and is able to both enjoy life and to share his insights with us. And I do miss it when he and I would both come to game days for the DC Conscripts. In fact, he was my first opponent back in 2016.
    After the match, he pulled out a note book and made some notes and got my name for his book. Since then, I have done the same. I keep an electronic file of all my matches and I make key notes where required.

  3. Further to my last, when I played Jim, I was a veritable newbie, hadn't been playing Full-Rules ASL less than a year. In spite of that, I never felt "dumb" or talked down to. I played my game and I had fun and I know I lost, but it was memorable. And he was the perfect ambassador for a new person to the group such as myself.
    Interesting point of view on CGs. I wonder if Jim could comment on the CG "Pegasus Bridge"? I have played it twice and it was a great experience for me. I find that the various "sessions" are quite unique with both sides having opportunity to attack with varying "sudden death" Victory Conditions.

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  5. CG? Computer generated? Great podcast Dave and Jeff!