Thursday, August 11, 2022

Episode 302: Take No Prisoners?

Prisoner counters make great zombie counters.
Joined once again by Rich Spilky we are able to provide some real quality content. Rich guides us through three of his famous charts.  The first is the IFT and CC Effects on Guarding Units and Firepower, the second is chart 26a Effects of No Quarter, and the third is a complex looking but actually very elegant and simple chart, entitled 26b Effects of No Quarter. After all that ASL goodness Rich points out the best parts of Jim Bishop's article Prisoners: Take 'em or Leave 'em. There are also some tactical tips and tricks revealed herein.  Enjoy!

We are now posting our episodes (with more visuals) on our YouTube channel. Easter Egg.

0:01 Talk, Chat
15:00 Spilky Charts
35:00 Bishop's Prisoner Article
57:54 Total Running Time

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