Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Episode 306: Hayes' Craze

It's time to do something really spooky.  Play Advanced Squad Leader in miniature!  That's a really scary and FUN idea, boys and girls! We are thrilled to have Hayes Wauford join us for this episode and have him compare notes with Dave about how each of them approached the task at hand.  Hayes has made some fantastic WWII terrain for his games and you can hear about it here.  And see more of it's glory, on our Youtube page.  
We'd like to credit Bob Brown who painted some of the mini's and terrain. Bob also inspired Dave to start his own ASL in miniature. 

0:01 Some Halloween Chit Chat 
9:26 Interview 
52:30  Total Running Time 

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1 comment:

  1. Just to make clear, again… the miniature terrain and figures you see in this episode were made and/or painted by my, Bob Brown, not Hayes.
    Sorry to take up the bandwidth, but not happy with my hard work taken credit for by anyone else… and Hayes paid me $$ for all the terrain shown in this episode…he didn’t make it, but paid for it.
    Appreciate what the 2 Halfs do for Squad Leader..