Thursday, February 16, 2023

Episode 314: Journal 13 Deuxium Partie

We titled this one "deuxiem partie" to make us seem smart. Did it work? 
:30 ASL and Non ASL Chat

No matter your answer, we present the rest of the Advanced Squad Leader Journal #13. You probably have noticed that the cover of said journal is unique among ASL Art.  You are, most likely, therefore hoping for a BAR - Box Art Review. It is your lucky day. Box Art Review returns.  

Some banter topics include ChatGPT, the Second Front Computer game, and the wonderful ASL Players.Net.  Cool stuff. 


11:45 What's in the Box?
23:10 Box Art Review - BAR
32:00 Scenarios
1:01:09 Total Running Time
ASL Journal 13 on Board Game Geek
ASL Net Videos and Such
Second Front Games
Changes added to VASL

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1 comment:

  1. Best Box Art Review ever! Very well done. The interplay with Dave, the artist, and Jeff as the straight-man who actually sees what is going on is classic. Bravo.