Thursday, February 16, 2023

Episode 314: Journal 13 Deuxium Partie

We titled this one "deuxiem partie" to make us seem smart. Did it work? 

No matter your answer, we present the rest of the Advanced Squad Leader Journal #13. You probably have noticed that the cover of said journal is unique among ASL Art.  You are, most likely, therefore hoping for a BAR - Box Art Review. It is your lucky day. Box Art Review returns.  

Some banter topics include ChatGPT, the Second Front Computer game, and the wonderful ASL Players.Net.  Cool stuff. 


:30 ASL and Non ASL Chat
11:45 What's in the Box?
23:10 Box Art Review - BAR
32:00 Scenarios
1:01:09 Total Running Time
ASL Journal 13 on Board Game Geek
ASL Net Videos and Such
Second Front Games
Changes added to VASL

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Anonymous said...

Best Box Art Review ever! Very well done. The interplay with Dave, the artist, and Jeff as the straight-man who actually sees what is going on is classic. Bravo.

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