Monday, October 2, 2023

Episode 328: Lumberjacks and Le Franc Fifteens

Le Franc Tireur has put out another gem. Le Franc Tireur #15 featuring some fantastic maps from
Steve  Swan and Tom Repetti. We take a look at these fun boards as well as the new Arid/Desert rules. Minarets on Mosques, can you believe it?  Before we get to that information we read some letters from our beloved listeners, we cover the British rules in the nationality section of the Advanced Squad Leader rulebook, and banter about Dave's favorite toy soldiers, Britain's Swoppet Knights. 

Swords and Roses - Britain's Swoppet Knights
Heroes on Deck DVD
Great Lakes Aircraft Carriers at Military History
Chicago Marine Heritage Society

00:01 ASL Lumberjack Song with Lyrics by Randolph King; Sung by The 2 Half-Squad Singers (originally appeared in Episode 54)
1:45 Chitty Chitty Chat Chat
13:25 Letters
19:00 Contest Announced (enter by October 15, 2023)
21:00 Rules
32:00 Whatsa is ina the Boxa?
43:00 Terrain Time
59:55 Total Running Time

SONG LYRICS (sung to "The Lumberjack Song" by Randolph King)
I play ASL and that's OK.
I play all night and I play all day

I move my troops, I rally well, I fire my panzerfausts
When opponents get too cocky, I bombard them to heck!

I rally well, I shoot big guns, I blitz my tanks alot
and if there's too much open, I lay the smoke I've got

I shoot big guns, MG's get rate, And often just for fun
I'll play in Frenchmen's clothing, and surrender on turn one!

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