Friday, February 23, 2024

Episode 337: Twilight Partisan Twits

Join us twits as we look in the box to find Avalon Hill's Partisans!, and Twilight of the Reich from MMP. Letters and a new parody song from Donovan and Rider!

0:01 Song Partisans, Partisans!
3:00 Chit Chat About Stuff
14:50 Letters
28:00 LFT #16 Board Controversy
33:40 What's in the Box?
55:18 Total Running Time

ASL EU ROMA '24 Tournament 

Partisans, Partisan a parody song to Naked Eyes’ “Promises, Promises”

Concept: Russ Rider Lyrics: D. Donovan, R. Rider 8/2021

When it first came out
In the late ‘80s
Never had a doubt
That it’d be cool
I remember buying
Module 4, dude.
To complete my ASL kit
At first I didn’t care for it
Then played the Partisans!, Partisans!
Knowing they’re stealthy
Partisans!, Partisans!
E.L.R. of 5 is neat

They don’t surrender
During the route phase
And don’t disrupt
No multi-hex fire groups
Elite they are never
Nor inexperienced

Broken morale is a six
Irregulars are in the mix
I played the Partisans! Partisans!
You know I’ll always keep [the]
Partisans!, Partisans!
On the to-play’ list

They’re in the BV counter set
Are Partisans all Russian? Nyet
There’s lots of other instances
Of other National Resistances [by]
You can play the Partisans, Partisans!

I thought I’d never play
Irregular troops
Partisans!, Partisans!
Thought I’d never keep
Module 4, Partisans!
But now I believe!

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