Sunday, September 26, 2010

Episode 41: The Art of War

One of the joys of the ASL hobby is collecting and owning the stuff -- the boxes, the scenarios, the journals -- and part of the joy of the stuff is the art that covers it. Would it be safe to say we all get some deep-seated joy when looking at a shelf full of beautifully illustrated gaming boxes? Don't we all like to occasionally lay out our bounty on a table or the floor so we can gaze at all that beautiful war art? You don't do that? Really? We do.

Our guest today is artist, historian, teacher, Ken Smith. Ken created the art gracing the covers of a number of ASL Journals and the soon-to-be-published (we hope) Hakkaa Päälle! Don't miss this fascinating glimpse into a very interesting and often over-looked aspect of the gaming hobby in general and ASL in particular. Then be sure to check out Ken's web site and blog to see his other excellent work, learn more about his craft and perhaps purchase one of his beautiful limited edition prints.

05:00 - Letters
28:20 - Great Plexiglass idea for starter boards and overlays.
31:40 - recently played scenarios
35:00 - Book Review -- The Ghost Mountain Boys
41:00 - interview with Ken Smith

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Episode 40: Effective Shelling

Well, we've reached fabulous 40 with this episode, and we've never felt better. In fact, we're more invigorated than ever about a certain combat simulation game called Advance Squad Leader and have lots of plans for future shows. Thanks for being with us!

In this episode, we air an interview we did some months ago with Pete Shelling. We managed to grab Pete between games at the ASL Open in Chicago. We know you'll enjoy hearing from this very familiar name in ASL-dom.

We also open "the box" and discuss MMP's Blood Reef: Tarawa -- Gamers Guide. Dave enlightens us all with a stunning Box Art Review. And of course, we sit and banter in a most relaxed, enjoyable and engrossing way about Advanced Squad Leader. Gosh, it's good to hear our voices. We hope you'll agree!

14:00 - Scenario Report
29:30 - What's In The Box
41:30 - Box Art Review
52:00 - Interveiw with Pete Shelling


ASL OKtoberfest 2010
Banzai!! Magazine from the Texas ASL Group
Desperation Morale web site
ROAR web site
MMP's Blood Reef: Tarawa -- Players Guide
Games Plus

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