Monday, June 10, 2013

Episode 93: Where's the Wasabi?

One of the notable characteristics and attractions of wasabi is while it burns with some pleasurable intensity, its affects are relatively short lived. Chili pepper chemistry, on the other hand, is oil-based and so its affects are more prolonged. This episode is like a blistering chili pepper; it will blast you with pleasure straight away, yet the burning delight will linger long after we sign off.

Letters are conspicuously absent this time as there is so much other stuff to talk about. After some chit chat about beer and wasabi-laced seaweed, Jeff introduces Dave to Sabaton, a heavy metal band whose songs are based on famous historical battles, including many engagements from World War II. You like "chrome" in your Advanced Squad Leader? How about heavy metal? Then we talk about what we've been playing lately. We pull two nice items from The Box. Jeff reveals his recently acquired copy of Blood Reef: Tarawa and Dave goes through MMP's scenario pack, Best of Friends.

2:00 Somewhat entertaining banter
13:00 Music to Game By
20:00 What've You Been Playing Lately?
37:00 What's In the Box?
1:25:38  TOTAL

Best of Friends
Tarawa: Story of a Battle

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  1. Well gentlemen: You've finally forced my hand. Blood Reef Tarawa! No dull reactions for this episode. Besides seems like your having a busy month and thought I'd give you a break.

    Best wishes, Matt from Sunny LA

  2. As of Friday AM, it's not on iTunes.

  3. Cheers,
    Another good episode! Someday hope to be able to try PTO. Can't get enough of these "fresh" podcasts.

    To "pick a nit" :
    On the "quick access" page... both links #55 and #54 point to the same episode #55, leaving episode #54 MIA.

  4. Thanks, Matt!

    Thanks for the heads-up, Steve. We have corrected the link.

    We're not sure what's happening with iTunes and other podcast aggregaters. We are continuing to work on it.

  5. As of Tuesday June 18th, STILL not on iTunes...


  6. We have repaired some problems with the iTunes feed, though in so doing some episodes appear out of order. We're going to fix that next.

  7. Sweet, iTunes has the episode now - already downloaded - thanks guys!


  8. I heard mentioned in an episode that Jeff was having problems setting up vasl. This link might help: