Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Episode 94: No Place Like Cholm

We're officially into summer now -- and we know this not because the Earth's northern semi-axis reached its greatest inclination toward our home star (the Sun), but because Dave is out of school and Jeff has begun mixing icy beverages for recording sessions. We're hoping the relaxed work schedules will allow us to get caught up on at least some of the many topics, products and interviews we've got on the Advanced Squad Leader to-do list.

Herein we finally get a look at Dave's copy of Kampfgruppe Scherer: The Shield of Cholm from the fabulous folks at Le Franc Tireur. It's been burning a hole in Dave's collection for lo these past months, so we're feeling much relief at finally unleashing it. And man, it doesn't disappoint. It's got winter maps, perspective artwork and . . . a girl's high school! Who could ask for anything more?

Of course, we also take time to share some wonderful letters. And Dave gives a right proper book report on Hell & Highwater, a history of the Canada's vital and victorious participation in the Italian campaign.

You're gonna like this episode, even if you live south of the equator!

1:00 Chit-chat
8:00  Letters
27:15 Box Art Review -- Kampfgruppe Scherer
29:30 Whats in the Box? -- Kampfgruppe Scherer
56:30 Book Review: Hell & Highwater
1:16:15 Total Running Time

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  1. Thanks for reading my letters, HOWEVER I cannot take credit for creating the monster scenarios I wrote about as they are the creation of a friend, and they are not currently available on Gamesquad. If I get permission to make them available, I will do so and let you guys know. Thanks

  2. Happy Summer Jeff and Dave! Too bad about the bunnies! I enjoy the comedic skits at the start of the podcast. They always make me smile!
    Hope the hot weather doesn't put a damper on your podcast output. Nice job on both Box art and What's in the box. Looking forward to some ASL Extras. Ahhhh Summertime, and the living is EASY!

  3. I do like the amusing intros of your casts so please don't drop them. The occasional one that nosedives just makes the good ones shine brighter. Your timing on your cheeseshop take was brilliant and it's sweet the way you sometimes rope in your wives/kids/dogs to help out.

    Cheers, Dave.

  4. Martinies should in theory be bigger than Marteenies - Tiny? Teeny? No laughs? Worth a try.

  5. I just noticed I'm having trouble downloading the shows (last one I got was where's the wasabi) did you change servers or the rss feed or something?

  6. Hi Andrés.

    Yes we had some issues with the feed, but we thought we'd got it all cleared up. Can you tell us what device/software you are having the problem on?

  7. I'm using doggcatcher on android, I deleted the feed and added it again and that did the trick, I'm not sure if the rss address changed or something. Good thing is I have a few shows to catch up now.