Saturday, June 1, 2013

Episode 92: Tank-Hunting, Krupnikas-Drinking Heroes

Hey all! We have another really big show for you here, as Ed Sullivan would say. There are letters that spark all kinds of Advanced Squad Leader topics. Dave presents his review of the classic World War II film Saving Private Ryan. We continue our series on the Japanese with a look at the fanatically fun Tank-Hunter Hero. If you have been wondering what is being played at the PAASL club meetings lately you will be able to find out at the end of this episode. The members give a little report on the scenarios they played. Very enjoyable!

1:00 Banter and Letters
37:00 Movie Review
49:50 The Japanese: Part Two (TH Heroes & Other Rules)
1:13:30 PAASL Update
1:40:30 Total Running Time

World of Tanks: Japanese Anti-Tank Assaults
ASLML Hero Q & A
When is a Tank Hunter Hero Removed Q & A on Gamesquad
The Marvelous Drink - Krupnikas

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  1. This doesn't seem to be showing up on the iTunes feed...

  2. Not available as of 6/5 noon.

  3. Should be up and running now. Dave had some HTML problems. Enjoy.

  4. Great episode. Really liked the rules explanation/walk-thru. I always remember the 4 (or is it 5 ways?) to make a TH Hero.

    (Gotta be honest actually liked this format better than quiz show, but I'm sure it takes much more work- still with what's easiest)

    Roll low & rally well, Matt form Sunny LA

  5. We think this will be the format for the rest of the rules segments, and that we can make quiz show a special kind of "review the rules" activity. Quiz show is too much fun to leave out of future shows!

  6. I agree keep the quiz show coming too! Are you going to separate the "rules reviews"? Would be nice for us noobs.
    Really good podcast!

  7. Steven Spielberg, World's great filmmakerJune 21, 2013 at 7:22 PM

    DIDN"T LIKE SAVING PRIVATE RYAN! Are you for real?

    Frankly I will never listen to this puny 'show' again. Forget about the offer for a interview! And to think I almost had Perry convinced Jeff should get SMC counter! You'll live to regret this!!!!!