Sunday, July 14, 2013

Episode 95: Twelve Heads on a Shelf

Welcome back for another exciting show, somewhere during which we occasionally allude or refer directly to Advanced Squad Leader. Wow, that sentence was awkward, but the show is very smooth. We hope you like it.

17:30 Call-in Letters
35:30 What Have You Been Playing Lately
44:45 Movie Review  - Enemy at the Gates
1:02:00 What's in the Box? -- Rivers to the Reich
1:21:10 Total Running Time

Monsters of Film Land
Famous Monsters
I'm So Ronery (adult content)
History of Rome podcast
Rivers to the Reich

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  1. Well done! I read Famous Monsters mags back in the 60s too! Also had complete collection of "monster" models put out by 'Aurora'... they were 99 cents each, again in the 60s. Looking forward to more interviews and ASL extras... AND the upcoming 100th podcast!

  2. Great episode and congrats on your upcoming 100th.


    As a PS. Anyone in the Chandler, AZ area who wants to ASLSK battle, drop me a line.