Saturday, March 16, 2019

Episode 218: LFT 14 and the Italians

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Greetings Brothers of the ASL Rule Book, We hope you are doing well and that you will enjoy the wonderful opening song performed 100% (and we mean it when we say it this time) by Jeff Hallett.  We remind our listeners of our contest to win Arnhem: The Third Bridge by Critical Hit.  Enter by April first, and no, we are not fooling. The majority of this effort centers on Le Franc Tireur's newest magazine, issue #14.  Inside you will find the history of the Italians in WWII and in ASL.  It includes a full set of Italian counters with additional paratroops as well as many scenarios.  In the What's in the Box portion of the show, And Dave discusses ASL Scenario SV3 Absolute Markajarvi.

We hope you enjoy Jeff Hallett singing and playing ALL the instruments on Long May We Run.  He composed it for episode #200, you can tell by the wonderful lyrics. For various reasons it appears now.

0:01 Long May We Run
4:45 Banter
19:15 Letters
37:00 What Have You Been Playin' Lately Bro?
50:00 What's in the Box?

Blind Hex Chart
Human Wave Tournament
Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede

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  1. A message from our tourney organiser .. and the Malaya Mad Moose

  2. I'm an aficionado listener of your podcast. Happy you talked about LFT14.
    Keep up the good work.
    Paolo Cariolato

  3. Jeff, your cover of Neil Young's classic was....beautiful. It really captured the essence of what I see in your podcast - it's ASL of course - but is also just two good friends having fun while chatting about stuff in their lives.

    I'm not an ASL player, having only dabbled a bit in the starter kits, but have listened to all of the Half-Squad podcasts. Thank you for everything you've done over the years and keep up the great work!