Sunday, March 3, 2019

Episode 217: Axis and Arnhem

Interesting listeners want to know.  Is it Dave and Jeff, or Jeff and Dave? Well everyone knows that these things are done alphabetically.  That would make Dave and Jeff  the official way of addressing the hosts of The Two Half-Squads, the one and only podcast dedicated 100% to the greatest game in the world: Advanced Squad Leader.

In this episode lot's o' lovely letters from our lucky listeners cover such topics as tournament announcements and other things of ASL interest. We review Arnhem: The Third Bridge by Critical Hit and offer it up as the perfect prize in for our newest contest. To win this CH product simply send us an email with "Dave and Jeff" in the subject line, or "Jeff and Dave", but putting "Dave and Jeff" will get you entered into the contest TWICE. You will need to pay part of the shipping unless you live in the continental U.S.

Our What's in the Box segment also includes a look at Broken Ground Design's full compliment of full color Axis Minor counters for use with Advanced Squad Leader.

1:00 Maybe Interesting Conversation
10:00 Letters
33:00 What's in the Box?
44:00 Contest Announced
50:00  More What's in the Box?

Canadian ASL Tourny
Heroes ASL Tournament UK
Arnhem: The Third Bridge on BGG
Axis Minor Counters from Broken Ground Design
We decided not to link any of the music mentioned in the show.  There is such a thing as evil.

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  1. The Buccaneer is a great old movie...and was usually the Sunday or Saturday 2:30 movie, when that was such a thing. Ahhh...the gold old days when there were only 5 channels to choose from and no REMOTE. Don't forget MARCH MADNESS ASL Tournament in Kansas City - March 15th - 17th. Time to revisit the home town Jeff!!!

  2. Don't forget to find the SMC named in honour of John Hill and Bill "Fish" Connor. Each nationality [EXC: black SS] has them. And all Infantry with white Morale are Fanatic.

    Thanks for the reviews!

  3. Hey Jeff and Dave. I think the order should be alphabetical.