Friday, June 2, 2023

Episode 321: Favorite ASL Things

We open this show with a blast from the past.  We have decided to repeat some of the classic AdvancedSquad Leader parody songs, starting with "My Favorite ASL Things" with lyrics by Whit Richardson. This allows us to post them with lyrics on our Youtube Channel also. 

There are a few letters to share to get us caught up. In the Box is the newest item from Broken Ground Design, the Sticky Overlays.  They are on clear plastic so they can be placed over any colored "open ground" and still match the particular shade of green that they happened to use on any board that you choose.  Cool!  Then Dave and Dave discuss how their playing of ON-2 Wet Feet went.  The feet sure did get wet!

Advanced Squad Leader Tutorial

00:01 Favorite ASL Things Song
2:00 Banter
10:20 Contest Winner Announced
14:00 Letters
24:20 What's in the Box?
34:12 What Have You Been Playin' Lately?
49:33 Total Running Time

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