Friday, February 16, 2018

Episode 193: Putting the Aaah in ASL

Welcome everyone, we are speaking softly and not carrying a big stick. Life is too short for anything else.  Did you know that Jeff is not interested in murder, and that neither of our hosts enjoy loud foul language? Well it's true, after all there are children listening.....and trying to sleep. Have you ever wondered what would happen if everyone swore all the time?  Well we do.  So no Prairie Dogging everyone.  Did you know that this podcast is actually about ASL?  Probably not due to all the stupid banter you get on this show, but we will cover some wonderful letters that do discuss Advanced Squad Leader.  Let's look in that box together and see the wonderful insides of Forgotten War.  Wow, ASL ventures into the Korean War.

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1:00 Banterino
15:30 Letters From You, The Listeners!
36:00 What Have You Been Playin' Lately.
43:00 Spilky Banozic Crossfire in Banzai
46:00 What's in the Box?
105:00 Total Running Time

Mark Evans Youtube ASL Product Reviews
Banzai 22.2
MASH Theme Song - Why Dave Cries
The Smiths - Ask

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Episode 192: The Objective Schmidt Show

Sure seems like Christmas (or maybe our birthdays around here).  We have been getting a lot of cool ASL in the mail.  Forgotten War, Lone Canuck and best of all, Objective Schmidt by Bounding Fire Productions.  We dedicate most of this show to that fine product.  After a mediocre comedy but that is clearly stolen from a joke Dave's Dad used to tell him, we skip the banter, because Jeff is not here in this show.  And it's kind of hard for Dave to banter with himself.  Especially if he wants to avoid any labels.  After opening that box we jump into detailed coverage of the terrain of Operation Schmidt.

We all know life can be hard and life's difficulties have struck Chas Argent's family.
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0:05 The Return of Comedy Bits; Don't Hold Your Breath
1:35 What's in the Box? Operation Schmidt
34:34 Terrain Time
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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Episode 191: No Death Threats Please

YeeHaa! Welcome y'all.  Have ya ever wondered what is goin' on in our crazy society today?  We sure have. Fake News, Fake News accusations, rude behavior, random death threats.  We banter a bit about all that and need to talk about the greatest game in the world Advanced Squad Leader to forget about it all. There is also a quick review of the film Darkest Hour.  In the Box is a game Jeff has long sought after and finally has thanks to listener Stephen Banks and his generosity. It is Red Barricades. You can also get a sneak preview of Broken Ground Design's new and amazing counters for ASL. They are very cool.  And if you have ever wondered what would happen if you called the old Avalon Hill phone number that was included in the game boxes, you can find out by listening.

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1:00 Greetings and Banter
17:30 Letters
44:30 What Have You Been Playing Lately?
54:00 What's in the Box?
1:14:46 Total Running Time

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Episode 190: A New Year Potpourri

Dave fails to stop the Italian tanks.
Happy New Year everyone!  This is a collection of recordings we have made throughout 2017 and never used in an episode. Then we added some new stuff today. You will find a little Tom Barkalow, Rick Hollander, Aaron Kleinschmidt, as well as a bit of Dave and Jeff and a lot of Advanced Squad Leader talk.  Aaron and Dave open with some letters. Tom and Dave share an in depth scenario analysis of Broken Grounds' scenario Pad 4: Iron Coffins. We gave the wrong scenario name in the audio.  Sorry.  There also is quite an inconsistent sound quality due to the variety of recording sources.  Quite a potpourri.

1:00 Letters
15:00 After Action Report
30:00 A Closer Look at From the Cellar 8
1:00:41 Total Running Time

The 2 Half-Squads is brought to you by RitterKrieg and Bounding Fire Productions, as well as listener contributions.  Thanks to all.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Episode 189: Maliki Haaka Macaca

Happy Holidays All!  Jump into the Broadcast Foxhole with us and learn about Foxholes during our Terrain Time Training. We mean, after all, it is the Broadcast Foxhole.....get it?  Inside the box we find a pair of Airborne! dice from Battle School, and the fascinating From the Cellar Pack 8 by the boys at Le Franc Tireur. What better way to enjoy the holidays than having a listen and sipping some warm cider.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanakkuh and Happy New Year!

The 2 Half Squads is brought to you by our sponsors Ritterkrieg, Bounding Fire Productions and our wonderful Patreon and Paypal sponsors.

0:02  I Want a Blood Reef Tarawa for Christmas Song
4:00 Banter
12:30 Terrain Time
36:00 What's in the Box?
1:04:00 Total Running Time

Here Comes Santa Claus

Lyrics to I Want a Blood Reef Tarawa for Christmas (lyrics by Donovan, performed by Megan Kleinschmidt)

I want a Blood Reef Tarawa for Christmas, Only Blood Reef Tarawa will do
Don't want Gung Ho! or Code of Bushido, I want a Blood Reef Tarawa to with and enjoy 
I want a Blood Reef Tarawa for Christmas, I don't think Darling wife will mind do you?
It doesn't have to be unpunched or even new, Just get one off ebay, That's exactly what I'd do
I can see it now on Christmas morning, with my gift so rare. Oh what joy, you might surmise
When I open up the box and see some DC Hero standing there.

I want a Blood Reef Tarawa for Christmas, an Armies of Oblivian won't do. 
No Haakke Paalles, no Pegasus Bridgeses. 

I want a Blood Reef Tarawa-whatsits.That Blood Reef Tarawa is really cool.
Friends say a HASL would east up all my time, owning and not playing is a very heinous crime. 
There's lot's of  room to play in our two car garage. I'll keep it there and play all year.'
Safe from feline barrage. 


I want a Blood Reef Tarawa for Christmas, an Operation Watchtower won't do. 
No Bridge Too Fart or Forgotten Warses, I only want  Blood Reef Tarawa-whatis
That PTO module's really cool!