Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Episode 12: Dalton, Part 1

We are especially excited about this episode because we hold our first phone [actually, Skype] interview. And it’s with none other than Keith Dalton from Multiman Publishing. It was really great that Keith could take time out from his busy day to talk with us. While we had to deal with some frustrating technical issues this first time out –  including an abrupt end to the conversation — we are very pleased with the result and optimistic about working out the kinks in the near future. No doubt this type of thing will become a pretty regular part of the show. We’ll chat more with Keith, as well as other ASL celebrities, players of note and other interesting guests.

Our tasty talk with Keith starts about 2.5 minutes into the show and runs for about 32 minutes. We then go back to the appetizer course for some listener mail, followed by a surprise entre from some friends in Sweden. There are the usual helpings of chatter and banter, and Dave serves up a fine dessert of History a la Sniper. It’s an ASL smorgasbord. Feast on it!
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  1. Check out "Roads to Moscow" by Al Stewart for another song with a WW2 theme. It is long, something like 7-9 minutes, but a good one.